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Text is about effective communication. SuperScript writing & editing is all about excellence in text.


The scientific and general editors at SuperScript review and edit your copy so your text flows logically, clearly and smoothly. That is what makes text easy to read and understand, and that is effective communication.


We focus on your message and the detail of it so that ordinary copy becomes outstanding professional text.

Our services include:


  • health writing and editing

  • academic editing

  • web text editing.

Do you need your Word and PDF documents to be accessible?


Since 2015, it has been a legal requirement that all online Word and PDF documents published by government are accessible to all, i.e. can be read by people who are blind or have low vision, using assistive technologies. All levels of government, councils and agencies funded by, or working for, government or councils, must meet WCAG 2.0 Level AA standards.


And for non-government organisations, providing accessible online documents increases your audience, moves you towards greater inclusiveness and improves your reputation.

We now offer this important service. Contact us now to find out more >


0425 381 984


Mon  Fri: 8 am  5 pm

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